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About us

The creation of innovative learning spaces requires the development of alternative didactic approaches, production tool support and excellent quality assurance methodologies. In brainshuttle™, we work hand in hand with top academic institutions and applied research organisations to develop multidisciplinary e-learning programmes – from your very first idea up to the course playout and according applications.

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Corporate Group

brainshuttle™ cooperates closely with its partners SGM, ITSO and BWO. The lean structure of our corporate group enables us to provide comprehensive one-stop-solutions within the agreed time.

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SGM – Solutions & Global Media GmbH

SGM is in the pole position of companies, providing digital storytelling, production of interactive digital media content and integrated media solutions – including all respective IT platforms. In 2008, a new division for the management of qualification programmes was introduced.

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ITSO – IT Solutions GmbH

ITSO is a software development and software quality assurance company for individual IT solutions in time and budget. ITSO provides all typical services in the software industry, e.g. consulting, planning, implementation, testing, roll-out or maintenance and training.

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BWO – Marketing Service GmbH

Is a service provider that specialises in marketing and event management for scientific events. Another business focus lies on the international marketing and licensing of entertainment media for children.

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brainshuttle S.L.

We are a Spanish company specialised in both the development and the production of e-learning programmes in the framework of the latest educational trends. We are also active in the operation fields of qualification management and software development.

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In brainshuttle™, we care about making the most of the learning experience for both: teachers and learners. We especially focus on e-learning features such as interactivity, flexibility and content creation for seamless, platform-independent and highly attractive mobile media formats.


  • Roll-out
  • Piloting Operations
  • Live System Operations
(Hosting / Management / Services)

  • Integration Testing
  • Play-out
Media Production

  • Video-Production
  • Audio-Production
Prototype Development

  • LMS (Analysis / Decisions / Adaptation)
  • User Interface Development
  • Interactive Experiment Development
Content Development

  • Quality Assurance (Plagiarism, Language)
  • Graphics Revision / Development
Concept Development

  • Curricula Planning
  • Authorial Coordination / Support
  • Learning Content Analysis
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Quality Management

We count on the expertise and know-how of top lecturers from all over the world for up-skilling and re-skilling programmes together with train-the-trainer courses, in the framework of internationally recognised standards (e.g. European Qualifications Framework).

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Project Management

We are present in every single step of your project, from the envision stage up to the final display. We take care of content creation in accordance with the curriculum design that best suits your learning areas (from primary education programmes to undergraduate-level studies).

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Learning Management System

We provide you with our own Learning Management System (LMS), where the learning experience becomes attractive for both teachers and learners. Interactivity, flexibility and a user-friendly interface are the main features leading the way to the creation of a highly interactive learning environment.

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IT Solutions

We count on the collaboration of SGM and ITSO for the development of web-based learning applications and the hosting and maintenance of IT content. In fact, we have developed a unique web-based, platform-independent tool which perfectly matches and strengthens the strength of our LMS: our brainshuttle™Producer (bsP).

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Content and Course Production

Our brainshuttle™ Producer makes it possible for content to be developed, edited and managed to fit in attractive mobile media formats. Our bsP consists of different user interfaces and a tree-diagram structure (modules, units, lessons and topics) that make monitoring as easy as ABC! Additionally, thanks to our innovative high-tech resources and assets, we can handle the creation of multilingual content.

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Audio-Visual & Media Production

As we are committed to the materialisation of your project from top to bottom, we make sure that the life cycle of your product starts off on the right foot in our own studio facilities. Spread out over three interconnected locations, Berlin-Tenerife-Belgrade, the production choice is wide open: audio and video recording, editing, dubbing and graphic design.

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Quality Assurance System

We advocate the provision of originality and reasonable impeccability in our products. As we firmly believe in the quality of what we do, we try to do our best to be a credit to ourselves and our work. That’s why our production content is subjected to quality control filters in terms of plagiarism, proofreading and integration testing.

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brainshuttle Team

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Francisco Orive

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Cristina Prodan

Office Management & QA

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María Romero León

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Roberto Notario McDonnell

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Maria Terente Nicieza

Media Production

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Daniel Mamely Herrera

Media Production


C/ Extremadura N° 7,
Casa A2 UD 4
Roque del Conde, 38660
Costa Adeje Tenerife
Islas Canarias, Spain
Tel: +34 922 090 201
Email: info@brainshuttle.com

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