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Quality VET in Healthcare: Improving Mobility and Employability

VEThealth is a project funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union.
In line with vocational training as a motor for smart, sustainable and inclusive growth, this project is committed to deploying creativity and innovation in VET through the use of digital media and ICT-based methodology. The project is aimed at nurturing and improving vocational education and training (VET) in the field of healthcare (more specifically in the field of geriatric care) while setting up a solid career path. It is based on the following major objectives and strategic activities: skilling reskilling and upskilling participants through the digitalisation of learning by creating an online Healthcare Assistant Training Course – Level 4. This course is intended to train healthcare professionals in the field of geriatric care. It genuinely pursues to improve health and social care for the elderly by means of quality training based on the knowledge and understanding of ageing, age-related changes and how to face up to this challenging process.

All in all, our project is to result in the accomplishment of quality VET in healthcare, in the framework of the digital era, leading to train and recognise competent professionals in the provision of healthcare, in consonance with market needs both at a national and European level, favouring cross-border cooperation in VET for the sake of networking and mobility. 


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EU’s EPALE adds VEThealth project to resource kit

The European Union’s Electronic Platform for Adult Learning in Europe (EPALE) recently added the training project VEThealth, developed by brainshuttle™ Spain and SGM Educational Solutions, to the second edition of their resource kit.

EPALE’s resource kit is a new format, which explores resources available to professionals who are looking to learn new skills and to further their expertise. Each resource kit focuses on a different topic. Items within these resource kits can be considered essentials and showcase projects in their field.

This issue’s topic focuses on “Skills Development”. One of the projects highlighted in the kit is VEThealth: A project aimed at nurturing and improving vocational education and training (VET) in the field of healthcare.

The EPALE Resource Kit #2 can be found here (external link via EPALE) with VEThealth being presented on page 5 of the document.

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