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Digital Transformation of Business and Education


About us

The versatility of our brainshuttle team enables us to look at things from different points of view in order to successfully meet your individual requirements. Our deep set of values and core principles ensures that our activities lead to a significant step towards the digital transformation of your business or organization. We pursue this commitment with the kind of vigour borne from a sincere dedication and belief in our expertise, in what and in how we do.

brainshuttle enables digital education in all phases of life

Nine out of ten jobs will require a minimum level of digital competence in the future. Our educational systems have to take the trend towards a highly innovative economy into account, provide for a digitally qualified work force and for a better participation in the world of labor through higher digital assessment competence including an increased individual sovereignty and literacy in IT.

The transfer of digital skills should not be limited to schools and universities. It should also cover the professional world on a broad basis. Lifelong learning and up-skilling is necessary to keep up with the pace of digitalisation.

We help you to integrate digital topics and media into the classroom, accordingly train and further educate teachers and trainers and provide you with adequate information technology infrastructures.

brainshuttle™ transforms your business to be digital

“Industry 4.0” has become an internationally accepted term when it comes to describing the current challenge: the networking of people, machines, knowledge, information and processes into an intelligent network.

In the medium term – and this is becoming apparent – it will not be enough to be the digital efficiency world champion.

The digitalization of business requires a change in corporate culture: Openness and courage to use digital technologies and the qualifications of employees to build up new business models.

We help you to increase value through migrating from products to data platforms and to learn how networking with end customers and cooperation partners introduces completely new value creation potential.

Our Solutions

brainshuttle™ covers all aspects of products and services in order to be prepared for the digital age

Our offer covers all necessary ingredients to assess, consult, develop and implement the digital future of your business or organization. Be it the solid engineering background in technology and management or modern didactics for e-learning and training including our extensive pool of internationally renowned experts in various subject areas.

We will be happy to face your challenges!

Project Management & Consulting

Our project management approaches are value-driven, agile and allow project managers to deliver high-priority, high-quality work. We help you in how to get started with agile project management to create high-impact development teams with minimal business disruption.

AR/VR Applications & Gamification

We amend comprehensive leading-edge corporate training programmes and applications making use of augmented and virtual reality technologies for completely new learning scenarios.

Educational Programmes Development

The design, implementation and of academic curricula, programs including learning material and job-shadowing by our international team of top-skilled expert trainers will ease the introduction of those in your organization.

Corporate Training Programmes

We create training programs based on your individual and specific corporate training requirements. This comprises instructional design, interactive content and adequate online applications making use of emerging technologies for new learning scenarios.

Engineering, Software Factory & Solutions

The key to digital transformation is to put your primary focus outside the company and on your customers. We provide engineering services and the software we build for you, is not an adjustment to your business; it’s at the core of how you create value and differentiate your brand.

Innovation, Research & Development

Our roots are in applied research, information technology and education and our thinking is driven by reconsidering ways in which we do business, how we learn and how our everyday life can be eased by innovation.

E-learning Systems & Applications

Our e-learning solutions are based on the most current and state-of-the-art learning management platforms, which can be applied in various learning contexts – ranging from basic education to vocational training, academic education and industrial training.

Rich Media Productions & Studio Facilities

We are committed to the materialisation of your project from top to bottom. Spread out over three interconnected locations (Berlin-Tenerife-Belgrade), the production choice is wide open: audio and video recording, editing, dubbing and graphic design.


brainshuttle™ provides engineering services and solutions on demand at your fingertips. The methods, tools and technology we apply, are in-line with latest industry 4.0 standards and developments. Our engineering expertise comprises (among others) the following disciplines with a strong focus on Information and Communication Technology.

Mechanical Engineering

Information & Communication Technology

Electrical Engineering

Marine Engineering

Green Energy



Building & Construction

Furthermore, brainshuttlehas a huge stock of adaptable upskilling and corporate on-line and off-line courses available. We develop corporate and academic training- and qualification-programmes on demand in those disciplines as well. 

Online Courses in Stock
Learning Assets
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Our extensive network of internationally renowned partner organizations provides for leading-edge expertise in best-of brand co-operation. We at brainshuttlecan build and extend your network of expertise on a global scale.



The brainshuttle corporate group is represented in
Germany and Spain.

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